Cathodic Protection Services

  • Aerial Crossing (pipe recoat) NEW
  • Vault & Offset Test Station Installation 
  • Anodes and Surface Beds to 20+ ft Deep (Vac or Auger)
  • Negative Cables 
  • Coupons/ref cells/PRE's
  • Joint Bonding 
  • Surface-to-Air Excavation and Recoat 
  • AC Mitigation Installations

Vacuum Excavation Services

  • Filter media removal at water treatment plants.NEW
  • Sulphur vessel cleanout.NEW
  • Valve Box Cleaning
  • Pipe Rack Excavations
  • Pipeline Rebranding
  • Exposure of Buried Utilities "Pot Holing"
  • Slot Trenching 
  • Electronic Line Locating 
  • Line of Sight Marker Installations 
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering 
  • Clearing Holes for Drilling Contractors 
  • Mechanical Excavation and Trenching 
  • Excavations Inside Buildings and Structures Not Accessible Via Mechanical Means
  • And MORE




Pipeline companies, water districts, and refineries-Our primary services include installing test stations/anodes to 20+ feet, excavating and recoating soil-to air transitions, joint bonding, trenching and excavating in sensitive areas, and removing soil from above-ground piping.

Contractors-Kantex will verify utility locations in advance of installation projects, excavate for engineered shoring systems, and complete all excavations in areas congested with utilities.

Engineering firms-Our work is typically completed in the pre-design stage of roadway and utility installation projects to reduce relocation and utility conflict costs.  We accurately electronically designate and expose subsurface utilities for precise horizontal and vertical measurements.

Utilities-Primarily Kantex will install cathodic protection or bond discontinuos joints.  We also positively identify facilities for a variety of purposes, such as relocation information, exact location for third-party work, or depth surveys for GIS or internal facility information.

Cities and Municipalities- We coordinate closely with Planning Departments, engineering firms, and public works contractors to prevent buried utility damages and generate accurate reports per project specifications.