News & Major Projects

2000 – Present - Nebraska Public Power - Cooper Nuclear Station (Numerous cathodic protection and miscellaneous air/hydro vac projects)

2001 – Awarded Phillips 66 Wood River, IL multi-year soil-to-air excavation and recoat project. Work led to similar work inside P 66 refineries in Wilmington/Carson, CA, Rodeo, CA, Ponca City, OK, Sweeney, TX, Lake Charles, LA, Billings,MT

January 2012 – Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant/Bechtel (Primary water supply pipe replacement)

2012 – Start of several cathodic protection projects for Irvine Ranch Water District project in Newport Beach, CA (Joint bonding and test station work through cores in pavement)

November 2014 – Awarded Northern Natural Gas Project (Coupon test stations and pipe bonding)

February 2015 – Awarded Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Project– Jordan Aqueduct Reach 4 and parallel Alpine Aqueduct/North Branch Aqueduct (Remote monitoring test stations and anode installation)

February 2015 – Awarded Mesa Products/Piedmont Natural Gas (Test stations, pipe bonding, ground beds, and pipe inspection)

April 2015 - Awarded Denver Water Conduit 150 Project (Anode and Test Station Replacement)

July 2015 – Awarded Denver Water Conduit 84, 100, 105, 116 Project (Anode banks and off-set test stations through pavement cores)

September 2015 – Awarded Denver Water Lone Tree Pump Station Project (Anode and Test Station installations)

September 2015 – Awarded Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Project - 11400 S Transmission Pipeline Cathodic Protection System

2015 – 2017 – TransCanada/ANR Pipeline (Cathodic protection installation, pipe bonding, and remote monitoring)

2016 – Tallgrass Energy Pipeline (AC mitigation, pipe bonding & inspection, distributed ground beds)

September 2016 – Awarded Denver Water Foothills Water Treatment Plant (Impressed current CP System and test stations)

June 2017 – Awarded Denver Water Conduit 94 & 96 Cathodic Protection Improvements Project (Offset test stations and anode installation)

July 2017 – Awarded Denver Water DIA Vault & CP Improvements Project (Joint bonding and anode installation on Denver International Airport tarmac)

September 2017 - Andrew Schonacher hired for Heartland Area Manager based in Olathe, Kansas.

January 2018 - Jim Warner hired in Denver, Colorado for Business Development Coordinator position.

May 2018 – Kantex Industries, Kantex Subsurface, and Kantex Leasing sold to GFI Energy Group for inclusion with TRex and Cyclone in Vac-One Services.

New office located in Deer Park, Texas, Midland, Texas, Jal, New Mexico, Weatherford, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and San Antonio, Texas.

June 2018 – Kantex begins filter media removal operations at various water treatment plants.

July 2018 - Kelly Shipstad promoted to Head of Municipal/Utility Division.

July 2018 – Awarded Denver Water 2018 Cathodic Protection Improvements Project.

August 2018 – Awarded Denver Water Aerial Crossing Project (Recoating of pipelines under bridges)

September 2018 - A.J. Miller promoted to Senior Project Manager of Municipal/Utility Division.

October 2018 – Awarded Aurora Water (CO) service line lead investigation project. Additional phases of work added in 2019.

November 2018 – Jen Reyes hired in Denver, Colorado for Project Coordinator position in Municipal/Utility Division.

May 2019 – Awarded Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District Project (Test station, anode, and PRE installations and pipe bonding of four separate lines from Jones Island to South Shore)

July 2019 – In conjunction with T-Rex Services, begin sulfa vessel cleanout operations.

September 2019 – Awarded Plains Pipeline soil-to-air and pipeline recoat project.

June 2020 – Opened the Dallas, TX shop and appointed AJ Miller as the Area Manager.

June 2020 – Carlos Reyes promoted to Denver/Rocky Mountain Area Manager.

2020 –  Awarded an $8M municipal water project in TX.

June 2020 –  Joe Sadowsky was hired as CEO of VacOne.

Q4 2020 installed over 200 galvanic anodes with our auger truck on a TX municipal water line.

December 2020 –  Awarded a large atmospheric corrosion inspection job at a Gulf area storage facility.

December 2020 – Kantex completed 3 miles of internal bonding within a 90-inch prestressed concrete coated pipeline for a Texas municipality.

2020 – 2021 Kantex worked with 3 General Contractors on separate municipal vault modification projects at Denver International Airport.

2021 –  Jerry Mooren was selected to lead our sulfur vessel cleaning service.

2021 – Working with HDR, Kantex completed a two month long municipal project in North Dakota. Project included joint bonding and test station/anode installations.

August 2021 – Started ten month long major CP installation project for Colorado municipality.

August 2021 – Mike Orendac hired as Houston Area Manager.

August 2021 – Tim Ewing promoted to Heartland Area Manager.

Q1 2022 – Kantex completed seven miles of internal bonding within an 84-inch prestressed concrete coated pipeline for a Texas municipality.

May/June 2022 – Kantex completed bonding and continuity testing on a fire suppression system for products terminal in Tacoma, WA.

2022 – Continued CP installations on 2020 multi-year Texas municipal project.