News & Major Projects

2000 – Present - Nebraska Public Power - Cooper Nuclear Station (Numerous cathodic protection and miscellaneous air/hydro vac projects)

2001 – Awarded Phillips 66 Wood River, IL multi-year soil-to-air excavation and recoat project. Work led to similar work inside P 66 refineries in Wilmington/Carson, CA, Rodeo, CA, Ponca City, OK, Sweeney, TX, Lake Charles, LA, Billings,MT

January 2012 – Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant/Bechtel (Primary water supply pipe replacement)

2012 – Start of several cathodic protection projects for Irvine Ranch Water District project in Newport Beach, CA (Joint bonding and test station work through cores in pavement)

November 2014 – Awarded Northern Natural Gas Project (Coupon test stations and pipe bonding)

February 2015 – Awarded Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Project– Jordan Aqueduct Reach 4 and parallel Alpine Aqueduct/North Branch Aqueduct (Remote monitoring test stations and anode installation)

February 2015 – Awarded Mesa Products/Piedmont Natural Gas (Test stations, pipe bonding, ground beds, and pipe inspection)

April 2015 - Awarded Denver Water Conduit 150 Project (Anode and Test Station Replacement)

July 2015 – Awarded Denver Water Conduit 84, 100, 105, 116 Project (Anode banks and off-set test stations through pavement cores)

September 2015 – Awarded Denver Water Lone Tree Pump Station Project (Anode and Test Station installations)

September 2015 – Awarded Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Project - 11400 S Transmission Pipeline Cathodic Protection System

2015 – 2017 – TransCanada/ANR Pipeline (Cathodic protection installation, pipe bonding, and remote monitoring)

2016 – Tallgrass Energy Pipeline (AC mitigation, pipe bonding & inspection, distributed ground beds)

September 2016 – Awarded Denver Water Foothills Water Treatment Plant (Impressed current CP System and test stations)

June 2017 – Awarded Denver Water Conduit 94 & 96 Cathodic Protection Improvements Project (Offset test stations and anode installation)

July 2017 – Awarded Denver Water DIA Vault & CP Improvements Project (Joint bonding and anode installation on Denver International Airport tarmac)

September 2017 - Andrew Schonacher hired for Heartland Area Manager based in Olathe, Kansas.

January 2018 - Jim Warner hired in Denver, Colorado for Business Development Coordinator position.

May 2018 – Kantex Industries, Kantex Subsurface, and Kantex Leasing sold to GFI Energy Group for inclusion with TRex and Cyclone in Vac-One Services.

New office located in Deer Park, Texas, Midland, Texas, Jal, New Mexico, Weatherford, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and San Antonio, Texas.

June 2018 – Kantex begins filter media removal operations at various water treatment plants.

July 2018 - Kelly Shipstad promoted to Head of Municipal/Utility Division.

July 2018 – Awarded Denver Water 2018 Cathodic Protection Improvements Project.

August 2018 – Awarded Denver Water Aerial Crossing Project (Recoating of pipelines under bridges)

September 2018 - A.J. Miller promoted to Senior Project Manager of Municipal/Utility Division.

October 2018 – Awarded Aurora Water (CO) service line lead investigation project. Additional phases of work added in 2019.

November 2018 – Jen Bode hired in Denver, Colorado for Project Coordinator position in Municipal/Utility Division.

May 2019 – Awarded Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District Project (Test station, anode, and PRE installations and pipe bonding of four separate lines from Jones Island to South Shore)

July 2019 – In conjunction with T-Rex Services, begin sulfa vessel cleanout operations.

September 2019 – Awarded Plains Pipeline soil-to-air and pipeline recoat project.

June 2020 Opened the Dallas, TX shop and appointed AJ Miller as the Area Manager.

June 2020 Appointed Carlos Reyes as the Denver Area Manager.

October 2020 – Hired Tom Grett to be General Manager of Operations.

December 2020 Kantex completed 3 miles of internal bonding within a 90 inch concrete coated pipeline.

2020 –  Awarded an $8M municipal water project in TX.

June 2020 –  Joe Sadowsky was hired as CEO of VacOne.

Q4 2020 installed over 200 galvanic anodes with our auger truck on a TX municipal water line.

December 2020 –  Awarded a large atmospheric corrosion inspection job at a Gulf area storage facility.

2020 – 2021 Kantex worked with 3 General Contractors on seperate municipal vault modification projects at Denver International Airport.

2021 –  Jerry Mooren was selected to lead our sulphur vessel cleaning service.