Superior vacuum excavation services start with great people. We have the best in the business. We know that because our clients tell us again and again. Our crewmembers pride themselves in working smart and working hard. Our can-do Kantex attitude makes us the preferred contracting partner on job sites.



Vacuum excavation is a safe and economical way to excavate in areas potentially congested with underground utilities for depth information, coating/pipe inspection, soil-to-air transitions, or for our process of remotely installing test stations, anodes, or bonds. Because every job is different in size and scope, KANTEX owns and operates both air and hydro vacuum excavation equipment. Both processes have their advantages and disadvantages; we will be happy to assist you in deciding which is most appropriate for your particular project. A brief comparison, as well as more specific information regarding our hydro and air vacuum 

The Smartest-Working Crews In The Industry 

From rigorous pre-employment screening to highly regulated Operator Qualified (OQ) training, Kantex makes a significant investment in our crew members and it shows. The Kantex can-do attitude makes us a preferred partner on job sites across the United States and has earned us an industry-leading safety record. 



SAFE EXPOSURE. The professionalism of our crews is demonstrated in their commitment to health, safety and environment and is reinforced by our certification with the Gold Shovel Standard which we have been a part of since 2016.

The Gold Shovel Standard is a first-of-its kind excavation safety program designed to reduce dig-ins and protect the underground gas and electric system. With safety as its highest priority, the Gold Shovel Standard Certification process was developed to ensure that hired contractors are vetted annually and adhere to the safest excavation standards. For more information, visit

Kantex is now Gold Shovel Certified


Kantex Industries Licensed in

Lic. # CA 830794      Lic. # NV 0.007303      Lic. # FL SCC131151396  

Lic. # UT 9322822-5551   ♦   Lic. # Ute Indian Tribe 4770      Lic. # ND 57469 Class C 




Kantex Industries is now a Vac-One company.

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